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Archive for the ‘Infanticide’ Category

Random links – {1/20/2011}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves in Snow
A great Northern California photographer I follow. Check out his blog.

What About the Twins? The Deadly Logic of Abortion
”But, even as millions were morally troubled by the account, many were unable to muster a moral argument against the abortions. Why? Because the logic of abortion has been so widely accepted in the larger society.”

Obama Says There’s Been an ‘Evolution’ in Human Rights in China—Even Though China Lacks Freedom of Religion and of the Press and Is Run by Communist Party
Chinese Dissident Calls for Obama to ‘Imagine’ One of His Daughters ‘Has to Be Put to Death,’ Just Like Under China’s One-Child Policy
Wonder which of his daughters he would choose if forced to make decision under China’s 1 child policy.

Sheila Jackson Lee on Chinese Health Care
Why do people continue to assume she knows what’s she’s talking about?

Rep. John Lewis Says Declaration’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Language and 14th Amendment Authorize Congress to Force People to Buy Health Insurance
Be nice if they actually understood the standard that they are sworn to uphold.

NM Gov. Susana Martinez Declares War On Undocumented Workers, Drivers Licenses
It’s a good start.

US Customs & Border Patrol Protecting America From Chocolate Toy Eggs (And Charging You For The Privilege)
Wouldn’t want an “illegal” chocolate egg getting in but Jose rapist coke mule is just fine.

CFLs burn out in California?
Guess they’re not the environment savers we were led to believe.


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Call me extreme

Posted by Jim Rector on April 15, 2009

If being pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-small government, libertarian leaning, anti-obscene spending, willing to put my life on the line for liberty and freedom, anti-illegal immigration, pro-self sufficiency, pro-national defense, and conservative makes me extreme; Then I wear “extremism” as a badge of honor.

Department of Homeland Security “domestic terrorism” report.

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Obama = Infanticide

Posted by Jim Rector on September 17, 2008

Ok so-called “evangelicals” supporting Obama. He turns my stomach. I’m sorry, but I would not vote for Obama if there was a gun pointed to my head.

A brave young lady, Gianna Jessen, a survivor of a botched abortion speaks out.

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