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Random links – {1/20/2011}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves in Snow
A great Northern California photographer I follow. Check out his blog.

What About the Twins? The Deadly Logic of Abortion
”But, even as millions were morally troubled by the account, many were unable to muster a moral argument against the abortions. Why? Because the logic of abortion has been so widely accepted in the larger society.”

Obama Says There’s Been an ‘Evolution’ in Human Rights in China—Even Though China Lacks Freedom of Religion and of the Press and Is Run by Communist Party
Chinese Dissident Calls for Obama to ‘Imagine’ One of His Daughters ‘Has to Be Put to Death,’ Just Like Under China’s One-Child Policy
Wonder which of his daughters he would choose if forced to make decision under China’s 1 child policy.

Sheila Jackson Lee on Chinese Health Care
Why do people continue to assume she knows what’s she’s talking about?

Rep. John Lewis Says Declaration’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Language and 14th Amendment Authorize Congress to Force People to Buy Health Insurance
Be nice if they actually understood the standard that they are sworn to uphold.

NM Gov. Susana Martinez Declares War On Undocumented Workers, Drivers Licenses
It’s a good start.

US Customs & Border Patrol Protecting America From Chocolate Toy Eggs (And Charging You For The Privilege)
Wouldn’t want an “illegal” chocolate egg getting in but Jose rapist coke mule is just fine.

CFLs burn out in California?
Guess they’re not the environment savers we were led to believe.


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Random Links–{1/3/2011}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 3, 2011

Christian Audio free download of the Month
The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges – A classic.

Free Up Hard Drive Space by Changing the Location of iTunes Backups
Hmm, maybe that’s where some of my HD is disappearing to.

China May Ban Skype In Misguided Protectionist Effort
I suspect it’s more about spying on citizens than protectionism.

How Not to Fight Atheism
The law of unintended consequences. – “Christianity has enemies, and the greatest victory of these enemies is to prevent the proclamation of the Gospel.”

How to bounce your flash
If you see me with a piece of black foam on my flash – this is why.

2010: The Photography is Not a Crime Year in Review
This isn’t China after all. At least not yet.

50 million taxpayers must delay filing – IRS
Democrats didn’t have their stuff together; who usually ends up paying?

Napolitano Visit Aimed at Beefing up Border Security……..in Afghanistan
Because beefing up our border would be racism.

725 New California Laws Went into Effect Jan. 1
Using trans-fats in food facilities now carries a higher penalty than marijuana possession. They’re going broke. Instead of fixing the budget they simply burden their citizens with more laws – most will cost more money.

Gov. Schwarzenegger issues last day commutations
Passing out favors to your cronies is a bi-partisan activity.

Time to "Reboot" California: Fixing Our Broken System Is on the Agenda
Let us know how that turns out.

Issa says Obama administration is ‘one of most corrupt’
I might be sympathetic to his statement but it’s a losing issue for the Republicans. Spend more time on spending. That’s what the election was about.

Obama Studies Reagan Years for Guidance on Pushing Agenda
How about starting by not being a tax and spend Socialist?

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Random Links–{12/30/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 29, 2010

AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens
This will be the alternative organization to AARP that I’ll be joining when I turn 50 in a few days.

GOP Shifts on Fannie, Freddie Overhaul
They better stick to their guns or 2012 will be ugly.

Just 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet, Most Fear Regulation Would Promote Political Agenda
Just what we need, more regulation. Keep your hands off my internet!

Census Totally Screws Dems…
People vote with their feet.

Obamacare is Already Unraveling
We all saw this coming.

More Than a Third of Americans Doubt Obama Believes in U.S. ‘Exceptionalism’
A globalist at heart.

Big “Nannies” of the Year
Just do as we say and be quiet.

As governments go broke, public employee unions must share the pain
Yeah, good luck with that.

Conservatives More Charitable than Liberal Scrooges
Of course we know liberals just like to spend “other people’s money.”

Palestinians reject interim peace deal
As in all war there’s only real peace when one side utterly defeats the other. So, there’s not been real peace since the end of WW2.

Arizona lawmaker set to ramp up fight against illegals
Wake up GOP, illegal immigration is a winning issue.

New Yorkers, stop complaining about the snow: City Hall is doing its best to recover from blizzard
But if you see somebody smoking in a bar I bet Bloomberg will have five guys there in a matter of minutes.

The woman language translator
It’s not too late for Christmas.

Morning Bell: Obama Will Make You Pay More at the PumpiGoogle - Google Chrome_2010-12-29_14-42-40
Funny how high gas prices were a problem for Bush, but what a shock, not a problem for Obama.

White House Plans to Push Global Warming Policy, GOP Vows Fight
The left loves to force their agenda via regulation when they can’t win at the polls. What a bunch of oligarchs.

Global Warming Grinch
The length the left will go. Bizarre.

How to Root Your NookColor to Read Kindle Ebooks
I guess the advantage being that there are tons more free eBooks on the Kindle than the Nook.

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Random Links–{12/27/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 27, 2010

Today’s random list of stories and articles that caught my eye.

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming
Columbia, SC has first Christmas snow since records kept in 1887…
Atlanta’s First Since 1882
Another convenient excuse. Trying to explain away the obvious.

Total white out: U.S. East Coast travellers warned to stay indoors as airports, road and rail grind to a halt and ‘monster blizzard’ expected to last until tomorrow
NYC subway stalled for hours in snow drifts
Not a fun traveling day for sure.

In Congress, a harder line on illegal immigrants
Don’t get your hopes up quite yet.

Oil stays above $91 as OPEC signals no output hike
Obama’s “moratorium” chickens are coming home to roost.

Silly Products that Made Millions
Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

Rendell Irate Eagles Game Was Postponed
Football Delay Outrages Fans: The Wimps Who Stole Christmas
I guess the NFL assumed that Philly couldn’t clear a road.

Know Which Apps to Remove From MSConfig with This Startup Applications List
For the “nerds.”

The Art of HDR Photography Part 1
A good primer for a description of “HDR” photography.

Shoot High Quality Black and White Photos
The 60 Second Portrait
MSNBC: Year in Pictures
Gotta have the photography links.

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Law makes it crime to do something illegal

Posted by Jim Rector on April 26, 2010

“Duh” moment of the day. Usually when one breaks the law it’s considered a crime. Someone notify MSNBC.

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You being here illeglly doesn’t make me a racist!

Posted by Jim Rector on April 26, 2010

Just because I agree with Arizona and think drastic measures must be taken by individual states, that DOESN’T MAKE ME A RACIST! There, I got that off my chest. It just means I think it’s OK for states to start doing what federal law already says must be done. Our immigration laws must be enforced. If the Feds won’t do it, or don’t have the stomach to do it, then the states, especially the border states must take enforcement into their own hands. The level of illegal encroachment into our country is unsustainable and dangerous and must be stopped. If you are caught here illegally you must be sent back. If the Feds would do their job and protect our borders (Which, by the way is something they could do and actually be fulfilling their Constitutionally mandated duty.) we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

President Barack Obama on Friday called Arizona’s law “misguided.” My question for him is “how so?” The new state law, which Gov. Jan Brewer signed Friday, will send local police to detain and interrogate individuals about their rights to be in the country and create state criminal penalties for immigration violations. In signing the law the Governor asserted this was the correct step “as we work to solve a crisis that we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix.” Excuse them for “illegalizing illegality.”

Obama also stated that he instructed the Justice Department to study the law’s impact on U.S. citizens’ civil rights. Huh? How would this law impact citizens civil rights? Is simply asking for ID a violation of civil rights? I think not. I’m challenged daily to produce ID. The only ones threatened are those here illegally. And they should be threatened. They should be scared of being caught and prosecuted and sent home. As an American citizen that’s what I want. The “fairness” should be that my money doesn’t get spent on illegal aliens medical care, welfare, and education.

None of this makes me or the citizens of Arizona racist or anti-immigration. I love diversity and enjoy conversations with folks who come from different cultural backgrounds. I can sit mesmerized for hours talking to immigrants from China, Lebanon, Iran, India, and yes even from Central America. If you want to be in the U.S. and want to come in the legal route then I welcome you with open arms. The problem is the open borders crowd what to “legalize illegality” and demonize those who are against them.

I’m glad to see Texas getting in the game in Farmers Branch and would love to see the Texas legislature get on board with some Arizona type legislation.

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