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Archive for the ‘Family’ Category

Random links – {1/20/2011}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves in Snow
A great Northern California photographer I follow. Check out his blog.

What About the Twins? The Deadly Logic of Abortion
”But, even as millions were morally troubled by the account, many were unable to muster a moral argument against the abortions. Why? Because the logic of abortion has been so widely accepted in the larger society.”

Obama Says There’s Been an ‘Evolution’ in Human Rights in China—Even Though China Lacks Freedom of Religion and of the Press and Is Run by Communist Party
Chinese Dissident Calls for Obama to ‘Imagine’ One of His Daughters ‘Has to Be Put to Death,’ Just Like Under China’s One-Child Policy
Wonder which of his daughters he would choose if forced to make decision under China’s 1 child policy.

Sheila Jackson Lee on Chinese Health Care
Why do people continue to assume she knows what’s she’s talking about?

Rep. John Lewis Says Declaration’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Language and 14th Amendment Authorize Congress to Force People to Buy Health Insurance
Be nice if they actually understood the standard that they are sworn to uphold.

NM Gov. Susana Martinez Declares War On Undocumented Workers, Drivers Licenses
It’s a good start.

US Customs & Border Patrol Protecting America From Chocolate Toy Eggs (And Charging You For The Privilege)
Wouldn’t want an “illegal” chocolate egg getting in but Jose rapist coke mule is just fine.

CFLs burn out in California?
Guess they’re not the environment savers we were led to believe.


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Staring down 50 down almost 50 lbs

Posted by Jim Rector on January 3, 2011

As I look towards Friday and my 50th birthday I catch myself looking back at the last year. Lot’s of cool things happened in my 50th year here on earth. A lot of them revolved around my kids and that’s ok with me. A quick run down:

February saw me helping my son Josh load up his things in a U-Haul trailer and move to California. I made the 1900+ mile trip with him and his not yet fiancée Katie Morse from College Station, Texas to Dixon, California in roughly 33 hours. It was tons of fun on the “quick” trip and really gave me some time to get to know Katie better as I had her as a “captive audience.” What was really nice was Josh and Katie did most of the driving while “pops” relaxed. I also enjoyed the scenery in New Mexico, Arizona, and California (It was dark during most of the drive through Texas.). One of these days were going to make that trip by car again and stop by some cool places such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and who knows where else.



In April I embarked on a plan to lose weight. Knowing how excess weight can really hamper your health in “mid-life” and beyond I really wanted to get healthy. You should know that I was taking medication for both blood pressure and cholesterol with co-pays adding up to almost $60/month. So that was another motivator. I started off at 232 lbs and lost 9lbs the first week! My waist size was 40 and probably should have been 42. I refused to get 42 waist pants!

May and June brought another trip to California to visit Josh and the Morse family. We decided to go Memorial Day weekend so that I could save at least one vacation day. What was really cool about this was that Josh proposed to Katie the week before we were to leave for the trip. So when we were there we could help with some of the wedding plans. It was so much fun! It was really cool witnessing Josh and Katie working on their budget along with her father Mike. This was a requirement of Mike’s before the date could be set. Alas, this was all worked out and after much negotiation they set a tentative date of Labor Day weekend. The trip was highlighted by Katie’s sister Shannon and I getting to take engagement pics of the happy couple at three different California scenic locations; the hills of Vacaville, San Francisco, and Napa Valley.


We also got to squeeze in a family trip to Mt. Diablo before heading back to Texas. I was down to around 215 lbs by this time.


August and September – California bound once again. This time for the wedding of Josh and Katie! We got there multiple days early to help with the preparation and to visit. Expecting the weather to be mild we found Dixon to be in the middle of a “heat wave” with temps in the mid 90’s most of the first week and on the wedding day. Fortunately for us Texans the low humidity made it bearable and not too terribly uncomfortable. The guys had a blast the day before the wedding out on the lake with the Morse’s boat and wave runners. The wedding was on September 5th in Vacaville, California and what a great day it was. Outdoors in the sun and then a smaller reception at the Vacaville Opera House. I really enjoyed watching Josh and Katie get married and it was a real treat getting to know her relatives on both sides of the family. A shout out to the Morse and Farley families!

One of my favorite shots from the wedding.


While there we took a trip the week after the wedding to Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake, and Lake Tahoe. In the highlands of Yosemite we actually experienced some snowfall at Tioga Pass. It was quite fun. One of my favorite spots in Yosemite is in the valley looking up at Half Dome and here’s one of my favorite shots of the scene.


That was pretty much it for September. By this time I had shrunk down to 197 lbs.

October was exciting because mid-month Josh and Katie and the Morse family came to Texas for a reception in honor of the new Bride and Groom. We held the reception in Tomball so that Carole’s parents who are in a nursing home could attend. My folks, thanks to a couple reward tickets on Southwest Airlines also got to fly down from New York. It was the first time they got to meet Katie and of course loved her as soon as they met.


It was a great time hanging out with family and on the weekend a bunch of us went to Austin to visit with some friends over there. It was sad when they all returned to California because we really didn’t know when we’d see them all again. By this time I was down to 190 lbs and no longer needed my monthly maintenance medicine.

Another great October event was the birth of our 5th grandchild Luke Samuel Rector on the 30th. Luke was born to Richard and Laura and was brought into the world with much prayer and thanksgiving. He’s such a miracle to Richard and Laura and the whole family. There’s almost nothing like the feeling of seeing a new child or grandchild being born into the world.


It was a tremendous blessing to “gramps” to be able to hold the newborn on his birthday.


November of course is Thanksgiving month. My grandma Rector is still alive and celebrated her 91st birthday in November! We also made a trip to Southern Illinois for the holiday and to visit Grandma. Carole, Jordan, and I loaded up and left at 3am on 11/24 and arrived at Marion, IL at around 4:30pm. My niece Melissa brought my parents down from New York and my brother Joe and his wife Wendy and family also made the trip up from Texas.

Grandma Rector.


It was a bittersweet trip. On one hand we got to visit with Grandma, Mom and Dad, and various Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. On the other hand it was also a time to see Grandma’s house for the last time as it was being sold. We spent a good part of the day after Thanksgiving at her house going through volumes and volumes of pictures, picking out those that were sentimental to us.


By this time my weight was down to 186 lbs.

December was Christmas and gathering with friends and family. We had a great time at the Kelley’s house Christmas day and got to see all the Texas family. It was our first Christmas away from Josh but we were blessed to know that he was in the company of such a great family in California.


So here I am a couple days away from my 50th birthday. My weight this morning was 183, one pound from a total weight loss of 50 lbs! My lovely wife Carole has also lost 30 lbs in 2010 and she looks great! Our goal in 2011 is to stay where we are and not gain any of the weight back. We’ll see how that goes. We move into a house after two years in an apartment on my birthday Friday. I guess I’m already starting with exciting events for my 51st year!

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Random Links–{12/31/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 31, 2010

Remember our persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide. Visit persecution.com.

Well, That’s One Way to Stop Your PC From Overheating
Overkill of the day.

New Year’s Resolutions That Will Improve Your Finances in 2011
Financial New Year’s resolutions from mint.com.

The Photos We’ll Remember: 2000-2010
Life shows some photos from the last decade that we’ll all remember.

Actually, Bush Vetoed Bill with ‘End-of-Life’ Provisions
Cal Thomas – She Told Us So
Yeah, she did.

For G.O.P., End of the Preordained Candidate
I’ve been hoping for this for years. Pass on the geezers and elitists. Get us a good candidate for once.

$5 Gas Predicted Under Obama — What, No Pitchforks?
Gas Prices Back Above $3, Networks Don’t Question Obama Policies
I’m sure Pelosi will be all over this. Oh, wait Bush isn’t in charge anymore. Never mind, be quiet.

Skype’s New App Brings Video Chat To The iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch
Cool! Although Facetime was working pretty good with my distant son last night. 3G performance will be interesting.

It’s No Accident You Live in This Time and Place
”If you earn $25,000 per year, you are the richest 10% of the world. You are rich. In fact if you earn $2,200 per year you are the richest 15% of the world.” Kind of puts things in perspective, don’t it?

Why I’m Reading the Bible in Ten Different Places
Lot’s of interesting Bible reading plans for 2011.

BofA Tries To Foreclose On Home Despite Not A Single Missed Payment
This is what happens when you’re “too big to fail.”

Make a Drain Declogger Out of a Plastic Bottle
Wow! Why didn’t I think of this? So simple. I just purchased a Zip-It from Wal-Mart two days ago.

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Random Links–{12/29/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 29, 2010

Random thought before the links: If the Republican’s nominate Romney for 2012 they will lose. If they nominate Palin they will lose. If they nominate Gingrich they will lose. I think Pawlenty, Jindal, and Barbour all lose. So the message for the Republican party is cast off the “front runners” and find someone who can generate excitement and articulate the small government-low tax message. Oh, they have to be true believers in that concept also. We’ll see right through the pretenders.

John Stossel – Top 10 Politicians’ Promises Gone Wrong
Best political program of 2010 boiled down to 42 minutes.

Sotomayor Guides Court’s Liberal Wing
And here I thought the Supremes were supposed to be above politics.

GOP all set to wimp out on EPA?
They better do what we want or we’ll bounce them out of office too.

Home Prices Probably Fell, Showing U.S. Economy’s Weak Link
”..Probably…”? When it’s bad news for those in charge it’s difficult to be definitive.

Abortion stats infographic
”It would have taken about 342 Hiroshima type nuclear attacks to kill as many people as abortion has killed since Roe vs Wade.”

Some Friendly Advice for Church Boards: Give Your Pastor a Break
We do this at our Church and believe me, we reap the benefits.

Planning Your Menu for 2011–Reading the Bible by Genre
Our Church’s Bible reading plan for 2010.

Is There Any Actual Proof A House Was Robbed Due To A Facebook Status Update?
It would have to be one of your “friends.”

Get Better Privacy and Less Chat Annoyance with Facebook Lists
Guess this beats just setting your status to “offline” all the time.

The Death of the Grown-Up
Book review. Until the 1940’s there were only children and adults. No such thing as “teenagers.”

Zip Tie Snow Tires: The Cheapest Way To Blizzard-Proof Your Bike
For my crazy northern friends that like to ride their bikes in snow.

Postponing Eagles vs. Vikings: The ‘Wussification of America’
I think we’re pretty much way down that “Wussification” road.

Why I Ditched iTunes For Amazon MP3s
It’s all about the wallet.

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Family Christmas get together – 12/25/2008

Posted by Jim Rector on January 20, 2009

A new family Christmas get together video. Made using animoto.com. A great site to make slideshows out of your picture galleries. If you decide to sign up be sure to use my referral code for a discount. It is – ehiraujy

[clearspring_widget title=”Animoto.com” wid=”46928cc51133af17″ pid=”497532da268d0cb5″ width=”432″ height=”240″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

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