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Archive for the ‘Environment’ Category

Random links – {1/20/2011}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves in Snow
A great Northern California photographer I follow. Check out his blog.

What About the Twins? The Deadly Logic of Abortion
”But, even as millions were morally troubled by the account, many were unable to muster a moral argument against the abortions. Why? Because the logic of abortion has been so widely accepted in the larger society.”

Obama Says There’s Been an ‘Evolution’ in Human Rights in China—Even Though China Lacks Freedom of Religion and of the Press and Is Run by Communist Party
Chinese Dissident Calls for Obama to ‘Imagine’ One of His Daughters ‘Has to Be Put to Death,’ Just Like Under China’s One-Child Policy
Wonder which of his daughters he would choose if forced to make decision under China’s 1 child policy.

Sheila Jackson Lee on Chinese Health Care
Why do people continue to assume she knows what’s she’s talking about?

Rep. John Lewis Says Declaration’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ Language and 14th Amendment Authorize Congress to Force People to Buy Health Insurance
Be nice if they actually understood the standard that they are sworn to uphold.

NM Gov. Susana Martinez Declares War On Undocumented Workers, Drivers Licenses
It’s a good start.

US Customs & Border Patrol Protecting America From Chocolate Toy Eggs (And Charging You For The Privilege)
Wouldn’t want an “illegal” chocolate egg getting in but Jose rapist coke mule is just fine.

CFLs burn out in California?
Guess they’re not the environment savers we were led to believe.


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I’m a little ticked off about gas prices, how about you?

Posted by Jim Rector on January 4, 2011

Top Five Things Obama Has Done to Raise Gasoline Prices

So gas is back up around $3.00/gal here in Texas and higher in a lot of places. I’ve heard some experts predict $3.75/gal this spring. What really ticks me off it that it’s totally unnecessary! What we have is run-away regulation that’s forcing unnecessary “rules” down our throats while bypassing the will of the people through their elected representatives. I love that the courts have put on hold the EPA’s attempt to take over air quality permitting in the state of Texas. I hope this holds and we have a rash of courts blocking the Obama Administration of forcing rules on us through regulation. If it has merit, make the case and get it passed. It’s only third-world, tin-horn, dictatorships that rule via edict.


The blog link above describes five things Obama and his comrades have done to raise gasoline prices. I’m convinced that this is by design and what Obama really wants. I mean come on, he actually is on record saying that under his plan of cap-n-trade energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket”.

You can read the explanations by clicking the link above but the main things Obama has done are:

  • Cancelling existing permits
  • Needlessly delaying offshore leasing
  • Pushing for more taxes on American energy
  • Imposing a moratorium on oil and gas drilling
  • Issuing a new offshore drilling ban

Even though Obama has supposedly lifted the Ban on deep-water drilling in the Gulf, oil companies are still waiting for approval to drill. Drilling Is Stalled Even After Ban Is Lifted.

He claims to want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. These things to NOTHING to accomplish that goal and only push us further towards foreign dependency. Hopefully the Republicans can stick to their guns, articulate the message, and stop these things in their tracks and give us some real energy reform. Reform that puts America, Americans, and American jobs first.


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Random Links–New Year’s Edition–{1/1/11}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 1, 2011

Billy the Kid won’t get pardon for killing sheriff
Billy just can’t get a break.

Bible Reading Plans
Pick a plan, any plan. Just do it.

God’s Own GPS – Derek Webb and Evangelical Mysticism
My friend John’s response to Derek Webb’s interview with the Huffington Post. PDF Here.

Moralism’s Cruel Stick and Carrot
”While moral living is often a byproduct of faith in Jesus, it’s not the basis for it.”

Phoenix-area residents report snow falling across Valley
Lots of children waking up, suddenly confused on the concept of global warming

Christians Are Casualties of 10 Baghdad Attacks
Count your blessings. We still live in a great country!

Steve King Says Congress will Investigate "Reparations"
Reparations = Shakedowns and scams.

Maine seeks exemption from provision of health-care law
Let’s get the ball rolling. Come on Texas, let’s get on board.

Texas Gets Reprieve on EPA Emissions Rules Takeover as Court Reviews Case
Well, that’s good news. A court actually gets it right.

EPA Rules Will Trump Your Rights
E.P.A. Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress
Our country will die by regulation long before we die from pollution.

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Random Links–{12/30/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 29, 2010

AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens
This will be the alternative organization to AARP that I’ll be joining when I turn 50 in a few days.

GOP Shifts on Fannie, Freddie Overhaul
They better stick to their guns or 2012 will be ugly.

Just 21% Want FCC to Regulate Internet, Most Fear Regulation Would Promote Political Agenda
Just what we need, more regulation. Keep your hands off my internet!

Census Totally Screws Dems…
People vote with their feet.

Obamacare is Already Unraveling
We all saw this coming.

More Than a Third of Americans Doubt Obama Believes in U.S. ‘Exceptionalism’
A globalist at heart.

Big “Nannies” of the Year
Just do as we say and be quiet.

As governments go broke, public employee unions must share the pain
Yeah, good luck with that.

Conservatives More Charitable than Liberal Scrooges
Of course we know liberals just like to spend “other people’s money.”

Palestinians reject interim peace deal
As in all war there’s only real peace when one side utterly defeats the other. So, there’s not been real peace since the end of WW2.

Arizona lawmaker set to ramp up fight against illegals
Wake up GOP, illegal immigration is a winning issue.

New Yorkers, stop complaining about the snow: City Hall is doing its best to recover from blizzard
But if you see somebody smoking in a bar I bet Bloomberg will have five guys there in a matter of minutes.

The woman language translator
It’s not too late for Christmas.

Morning Bell: Obama Will Make You Pay More at the PumpiGoogle - Google Chrome_2010-12-29_14-42-40
Funny how high gas prices were a problem for Bush, but what a shock, not a problem for Obama.

White House Plans to Push Global Warming Policy, GOP Vows Fight
The left loves to force their agenda via regulation when they can’t win at the polls. What a bunch of oligarchs.

Global Warming Grinch
The length the left will go. Bizarre.

How to Root Your NookColor to Read Kindle Ebooks
I guess the advantage being that there are tons more free eBooks on the Kindle than the Nook.

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Random Links–{12/29/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 29, 2010

Random thought before the links: If the Republican’s nominate Romney for 2012 they will lose. If they nominate Palin they will lose. If they nominate Gingrich they will lose. I think Pawlenty, Jindal, and Barbour all lose. So the message for the Republican party is cast off the “front runners” and find someone who can generate excitement and articulate the small government-low tax message. Oh, they have to be true believers in that concept also. We’ll see right through the pretenders.

John Stossel – Top 10 Politicians’ Promises Gone Wrong
Best political program of 2010 boiled down to 42 minutes.

Sotomayor Guides Court’s Liberal Wing
And here I thought the Supremes were supposed to be above politics.

GOP all set to wimp out on EPA?
They better do what we want or we’ll bounce them out of office too.

Home Prices Probably Fell, Showing U.S. Economy’s Weak Link
”..Probably…”? When it’s bad news for those in charge it’s difficult to be definitive.

Abortion stats infographic
”It would have taken about 342 Hiroshima type nuclear attacks to kill as many people as abortion has killed since Roe vs Wade.”

Some Friendly Advice for Church Boards: Give Your Pastor a Break
We do this at our Church and believe me, we reap the benefits.

Planning Your Menu for 2011–Reading the Bible by Genre
Our Church’s Bible reading plan for 2010.

Is There Any Actual Proof A House Was Robbed Due To A Facebook Status Update?
It would have to be one of your “friends.”

Get Better Privacy and Less Chat Annoyance with Facebook Lists
Guess this beats just setting your status to “offline” all the time.

The Death of the Grown-Up
Book review. Until the 1940’s there were only children and adults. No such thing as “teenagers.”

Zip Tie Snow Tires: The Cheapest Way To Blizzard-Proof Your Bike
For my crazy northern friends that like to ride their bikes in snow.

Postponing Eagles vs. Vikings: The ‘Wussification of America’
I think we’re pretty much way down that “Wussification” road.

Why I Ditched iTunes For Amazon MP3s
It’s all about the wallet.

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Random Links–{12/28/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 27, 2010

Shhhh! – Return of the Death Panel
They don’t want to shout this one from the roof tops. “I told you so” comes to mind.

All 10 States Losing Congressional Seats Tilt Democratic
People will always vote with their feet to the lowest taxed, most pro-business, and pro-freedom parts of the country.

111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S
Guess that’s what they mean when they say “we all must sacrifice.”

When ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Meets Religious Liberty
Mounting religious liberty concerns in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” attack grow with new revelations from active-duty chaplain
Special forces wary of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal
No one wins when you give special status to a “lifestyle choice”.

Lights out for 100-watt incandescent bulbs in California
And they wonder why people are fleeing the state….

Hey New York, This Is Real Snow
IDK, NY gets it’s share.

On Cyber Monday, Amazon Sold 158 Items Per Second (13.7 Million In Total)
Don’t you know the Dems are just dying to tap this tax pipeline.

5 Celebrities We Wish Would Go Away In 2011
I can think of a few more. You?

AP’s Notable Deaths of 2010 List Has Some Liberal Mini-Spins
Sen. Robert Byrd – Former Grand Dragon of the KKK and a DEMOCRAT.

Mike Singletary out at SF
So much for the Dallas – SF NFC final. Two teams that totally failed to live up to pre-season expectations.

How Houston’s Congress members budget
Democrat and Republican’s both spend our money. Paul is the only consistent one of the bunch. To be fair, they all appear to be within budget.

Japan’s Nanny State Gone Wild – A license is required to administer coffee enemas
Yuck! Gives a hole..er..whole new meaning to “dark roasted”.

Expert: Texas Wildflowers Be Less Showy This Year
Bummer. Not enough rain in the fall.

Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down
Sure, being molested stinks for you, but it makes people think we’re doing our job.
Prime example of “Sheeple”:

  • “I understand her side of it, and their side as well, but it is for our protection so I have no problems with it,” said Gwen Washington, who lives in Killeen.
  • “It’s unfortunate that that happened and she didn’t get to fly home, but it makes me feel a little safer,” said Emily Protine.

TSA Silences Pilot For Telling The Truth
The truth hurts and they don’t want anybody telling it.

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Random Links–{12/27/2010}

Posted by Jim Rector on December 27, 2010

Today’s random list of stories and articles that caught my eye.

Bundle Up, It’s Global Warming
Columbia, SC has first Christmas snow since records kept in 1887…
Atlanta’s First Since 1882
Another convenient excuse. Trying to explain away the obvious.

Total white out: U.S. East Coast travellers warned to stay indoors as airports, road and rail grind to a halt and ‘monster blizzard’ expected to last until tomorrow
NYC subway stalled for hours in snow drifts
Not a fun traveling day for sure.

In Congress, a harder line on illegal immigrants
Don’t get your hopes up quite yet.

Oil stays above $91 as OPEC signals no output hike
Obama’s “moratorium” chickens are coming home to roost.

Silly Products that Made Millions
Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

Rendell Irate Eagles Game Was Postponed
Football Delay Outrages Fans: The Wimps Who Stole Christmas
I guess the NFL assumed that Philly couldn’t clear a road.

Know Which Apps to Remove From MSConfig with This Startup Applications List
For the “nerds.”

The Art of HDR Photography Part 1
A good primer for a description of “HDR” photography.

Shoot High Quality Black and White Photos
The 60 Second Portrait
MSNBC: Year in Pictures
Gotta have the photography links.

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Earth Day 2009

Posted by Jim Rector on April 22, 2009

First the disclaimer before my blatant slap at enviro wackos. I’m firmly against polluted air, water, and land. As a Christian I think it’s our duty to be good stewards of the land God gave us to live on. I think toxic dumpers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I evaluate every action that I could take that would make the planet cleaner.

That being said, I will always look at my actions in light of what makes economical sense. If driving a plug-in electric car or even hybrid made economical sense, I’d do it. If choosing a “green” electricity provider was as cheap or cheaper than the “regular” provider I’d do it. If riding the bus (And doubling my commute time to 40 minutes.) was cheaper I’d do it. If my living community provided recycle bins I would surely use them.

Right now the cheapest electrical provider in Houston is offering a 12 month locked-in rate of 10.6 cents a KWH. The cheapest “green” rate is 11.8 cents a KWH. That’s $144 per year based on a 1000 KWH/month usage. I think I’ll keep that difference. Plug-in electric cars either can’t go fast enough or far enough to make sense for me. And the payback period for that or a hybrid is way too long. I just purchased a 2007 vehicle with 13k miles on it, that gets over 30 mpg for $7000. Show me a hybrid around that price and we’ll talk. For me to take the bus to work, about double my commute time, and to break even on gas costs only gas would need to be about $2.75/gal. I think even at $3.00-3.50 I’d still consider driving just for the convienience. The point here, besides economical sense, is that these are MY choices. And don’t kid yourself, the environmental movement is NOT about choice.

The environmental movement is about controlling you and making you do what they want you to. It’s also about redistributing wealth. Like every liberal idea since they can’t win at the ballot box or legislature they use the courts. They stand in the way, using the courts, of new drilling and refining capacity. The sole purpose is to create a false shortage of oil and gas and to drive the price up in the hope that it will force you into an electric vehicle or hybrid. The problem is once they move you to an electric car they will have succeeded in driving up the price of electricity through Obama’s “Cap and Trade” program so much that it will cost more to “charge” your car than it would have cost to put gas in one. What they really want is for you to stay home.

I encourage you to think about the things you do or are forced to do now in the name of the environment. I can think of a few. Low flow toilets that you have to flush three times to get everything down. Changing out incandesant light bulbs for CFL and then going through hazmet like clean up procedures when one breaks. Higher cost emissions testing come inspection time for your car. Increased costs for oil changes, new tires, and new batteries. These are just a few and I could probably come up with a lot more given the time to think about it.

I unashamedly reject the notion of “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW). The earth is actually in a cooling period now. March 09 was the coolest since 1981 and here in Houston April has yet to see a 90 temperature. It’s been a lot of years since that happened. What you’re seeing now it the government rushing to put all these environmental programs in before the AGW hoax is realized by the majority of the people. Maybe the majority will figure out that it’s “the Sun stupid.” It’s up to us to make our voices heard and attempt to put the breaks on this.

So on this earth day 2009 I think I’ll cut down an old growth tree with a noisey, dirty 20 year old chain saw, I’ll fill up my gas tank (and top off) at about 2pm in the heat of the day, I’ll leave all the lights on in my home, I’ll throw away an aluminum coke can, and I’ll probably eat some beef.

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