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Random Links–New Year’s Edition–{1/1/11}

Posted by Jim Rector on January 1, 2011

Billy the Kid won’t get pardon for killing sheriff
Billy just can’t get a break.

Bible Reading Plans
Pick a plan, any plan. Just do it.

God’s Own GPS – Derek Webb and Evangelical Mysticism
My friend John’s response to Derek Webb’s interview with the Huffington Post. PDF Here.

Moralism’s Cruel Stick and Carrot
”While moral living is often a byproduct of faith in Jesus, it’s not the basis for it.”

Phoenix-area residents report snow falling across Valley
Lots of children waking up, suddenly confused on the concept of global warming

Christians Are Casualties of 10 Baghdad Attacks
Count your blessings. We still live in a great country!

Steve King Says Congress will Investigate "Reparations"
Reparations = Shakedowns and scams.

Maine seeks exemption from provision of health-care law
Let’s get the ball rolling. Come on Texas, let’s get on board.

Texas Gets Reprieve on EPA Emissions Rules Takeover as Court Reviews Case
Well, that’s good news. A court actually gets it right.

EPA Rules Will Trump Your Rights
E.P.A. Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress
Our country will die by regulation long before we die from pollution.


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