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Instructive Facebook Post

Posted by Jim Rector on December 28, 2010

I’m often blown away by friend’s posts on Facebook and the reactions shown in the comments to the post. This is a screenshot of a post by a Facebook friend of mine and the comments to it. My thoughts are below it.

Patrick Cook - Google Chrome_2010-12-28_08-37-40

My first thought was “yeah, you’re right. He’s the worst president ever.” But after some reflection (Which is always a good thing to do before replying to a FB post) my main thought is, “We get what we deserve, it’s actually the worst electorate ever.” In other words President Obama is a reflection of the people themselves. We are a nation made up of a vast number of people who have an entitlement mentality. You have something I don’t have. I want it and the government should take it from you and give it to me. They feel the purpose of government is to take care of them from cradle to grave. Instructive is the woman who was on this infamous video clip who stated: “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage”. Where does this woman think the money comes from? What kind of candidate and now president lets these attitudes stand without challenging the very premise? I’ll tell you who, it’s someone who wants to fundamentally change everything great about this country. A person who wants to change it from the land of the free and home of the brave to a European socialist style country.

The problem with this thinking is human nature. We’re all basically selfish at heart. We all want something for nothing. A lot of us still work for a living and to provide for ourselves and our families. But, as more and more people look to the government for support more and more people will get tired of working hard only to have the government take from them the fruits of their labor. By nature the country will eventually run out of “other people’s money” and we’ll all be looking to them for handouts. How many times have you heard people turn down overtime with the statement, “well, the government will get most of it anyway.” Or, “It’ll just put me in a higher tax bracket.” That’s the principle in action. If you keep taking from people that produce, the people that produce will eventually stop producing. The next step beyond that is “forced production” or simply put “slavery.”

We’ve raised a generation of people who don’t get the Constitution and the principle of smaller government. Obama’s the result of that lack of education. They don’t realize that true freedom comes with true responsibility. You risk, you reap the reward or the penalty. Who wants to risk if someone else gets the reward? I just want to smallest government possible. Just protect my rights, protect me from enemies foreign and domestic, keep the land and water clean, build a few roads, and then LEAVE ME ALONE! We can survive as a country without a tax on personal income. Do you realize that we did that for over 50% of our nation’s existence?

Yeah, we get what we want and what we deserve. Hopefully with the results of the November mid-term enough folks are waking up to turn the tide.


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