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Healtcare mandate constitutional? Income redistribution

Posted by Jim Rector on March 29, 2010

So the same Supreme Court that Obama dissed during his State of the Union address may get the chance to diss his redistributionist health care bill. (Supreme Court may weigh coverage mandate.)  We can only hope the Supremes take down the confiscatory penalty waged against private citizens for opting out of comerece. Never before in our Nation’s history has an American citizen been forced to buy something. You may be tempted to buy the proponents argument that the government forces you to buy auto insurance. Don’t fall for it. It’s not a good comparison. It’s simple. You’re not forced to buy auto insurance. If you don’t own a car, you don’t have to have insurance insuance. Plain and simple. This health insurance mandate is simply a tax for being alive and is a gross violation of the basic freedoms that we Americans love.

If you want to know the real reason behind the health care bill simply listen to Senator Max Baucus. (Democratic Senator: Health Care Law to Address ‘Mal-Distribution of Income’.)  I think he let this slip. And where is the main-stream media on this? How scary is it that a US Senator thinks it’s the government’s job to redistribute income. Carl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and any other marxist or communist would love this plan. What a bunch of losers we have in our government. Don’t they know this will untimatly end in conflict? Don’t they know this is unsustainable and will bankrupt our country? Or, maybe that’s what they’ve had planned all along.


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