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Earth Day 2009

Posted by Jim Rector on April 22, 2009

First the disclaimer before my blatant slap at enviro wackos. I’m firmly against polluted air, water, and land. As a Christian I think it’s our duty to be good stewards of the land God gave us to live on. I think toxic dumpers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I evaluate every action that I could take that would make the planet cleaner.

That being said, I will always look at my actions in light of what makes economical sense. If driving a plug-in electric car or even hybrid made economical sense, I’d do it. If choosing a “green” electricity provider was as cheap or cheaper than the “regular” provider I’d do it. If riding the bus (And doubling my commute time to 40 minutes.) was cheaper I’d do it. If my living community provided recycle bins I would surely use them.

Right now the cheapest electrical provider in Houston is offering a 12 month locked-in rate of 10.6 cents a KWH. The cheapest “green” rate is 11.8 cents a KWH. That’s $144 per year based on a 1000 KWH/month usage. I think I’ll keep that difference. Plug-in electric cars either can’t go fast enough or far enough to make sense for me. And the payback period for that or a hybrid is way too long. I just purchased a 2007 vehicle with 13k miles on it, that gets over 30 mpg for $7000. Show me a hybrid around that price and we’ll talk. For me to take the bus to work, about double my commute time, and to break even on gas costs only gas would need to be about $2.75/gal. I think even at $3.00-3.50 I’d still consider driving just for the convienience. The point here, besides economical sense, is that these are MY choices. And don’t kid yourself, the environmental movement is NOT about choice.

The environmental movement is about controlling you and making you do what they want you to. It’s also about redistributing wealth. Like every liberal idea since they can’t win at the ballot box or legislature they use the courts. They stand in the way, using the courts, of new drilling and refining capacity. The sole purpose is to create a false shortage of oil and gas and to drive the price up in the hope that it will force you into an electric vehicle or hybrid. The problem is once they move you to an electric car they will have succeeded in driving up the price of electricity through Obama’s “Cap and Trade” program so much that it will cost more to “charge” your car than it would have cost to put gas in one. What they really want is for you to stay home.

I encourage you to think about the things you do or are forced to do now in the name of the environment. I can think of a few. Low flow toilets that you have to flush three times to get everything down. Changing out incandesant light bulbs for CFL and then going through hazmet like clean up procedures when one breaks. Higher cost emissions testing come inspection time for your car. Increased costs for oil changes, new tires, and new batteries. These are just a few and I could probably come up with a lot more given the time to think about it.

I unashamedly reject the notion of “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW). The earth is actually in a cooling period now. March 09 was the coolest since 1981 and here in Houston April has yet to see a 90 temperature. It’s been a lot of years since that happened. What you’re seeing now it the government rushing to put all these environmental programs in before the AGW hoax is realized by the majority of the people. Maybe the majority will figure out that it’s “the Sun stupid.” It’s up to us to make our voices heard and attempt to put the breaks on this.

So on this earth day 2009 I think I’ll cut down an old growth tree with a noisey, dirty 20 year old chain saw, I’ll fill up my gas tank (and top off) at about 2pm in the heat of the day, I’ll leave all the lights on in my home, I’ll throw away an aluminum coke can, and I’ll probably eat some beef.


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