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Our Republic is an Oligarchy

Posted by Jim Rector on October 3, 2008

The definition of Oligarchy:

From the Greek for ‘rule of the few’, this is a form of government in which power is centralised in the hands of an organised élite and is used for their social and/or economic benefit. Their power is maintained by force or by the shaping of the law to restrict the people and/or remove any need to consult them or be accountable to them. Many of the monarchies established in Europe during the Middle Ages began as oligarchies, with one family eventually gaining ascendancy over others.

Based on our “elected” representatives actions of the last few weeks I think our Constitutional Republic is almost dead. No longer do our elected officials listen to us. They simply do what they want. Take Diane Feinstein for instance. She gets 91,000 calls about the bail-out bill with 85,000 telling her to vote no. Her response:

Feinstein to 85,000 Callers: “You’re Confused”

During this evening’s Senate vote, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) took the podium to explain her position on the proposed bailout package. In her statement, she explains that she received 91,000 calls and emails, with 85,000 of them opposed to the measure. Even armed with the knowledge that 93% of her constituents passionate enough to contact her office pleaded for her to vote “nay”, she votes in favor of the bill, claiming that “there is a great deal of confusion out there” and these people “don’t understand” the situation.

Sounds more like Oligarchy to me. 99% of our “representatives” in Washington don’t give a flying rat’s behind what we think unless they’re up for re-election. Even then, they simply give us lip-service to get elected and then go on doing their own thing. We need to punish them when they do this by not ever voting for them again.

What can we do? Well, in the near term quit voting for these guys and gals. End the mindset that they have to have a “D” or “R” after their names or you’re throwing away your vote. The only way to change this broken system is to change the way we approah voting. Sure, a third party may not win for many years to come. But, in the process a few ‘safe’ incombants may get knocked off. They’ll know our displeasure. I wrote both my Senators and Congressman and implored them to look at Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Approach to solving this current crisis. I also stated that I would never vote for any politician who vote yes to this pork-laden, economic sell-out plan. Well, John Cornyn just lost my vote. I’ll be looking at any non-democratic opponent he has. If they meet my criteria, they’ll get my vote. Plan and simple. The same goes for Senator Hutchison when she’s up for re-election, or runs for Govenor. No vote from me for her. Finally, even though he probably won’t get my vote anyway, if Congressman Nick Lampson votes yes, he will have sealed his fate with me.

I encourage folks every where to hold these guys accountable and put your vote where your mouth is.


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