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Obama and “Evangelicals?”

Posted by Jim Rector on September 19, 2008

The last couple of days I’ve read a few posts where “evangelical” Christians have stated support for Obama. Even in the face of his radical position on abortion including his opposition to bills that would mandate emergency care for children born alive during botched abortions they won’t change their minds. They seem to have elevated helping the poor, protecting the environment, and stopping the war as somehow more important than stopping murder. This is troubling considering that stopping murder is the most “black and white” in Scripture of all these issues.

Josh Harris answers a possible church member in his post – “Abortion and Voting” on the Covenant Life Blog. I think he handled it well, although, I wish he would have hit on the fact that there’s no Biblical mandate for the government to take anyone’s money by force of law and give it to someone else. The Bible mandates that Christians take care of the “Widows and Orphans” and the poor. But that’s a charge to individual Christians and Churches not to governments. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 also says that “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” Proverbs 10:4 and 6:9-11 also address the issue. All one has to do is look here in Houston in the aftermath of hurricane Ike. The local entities and charities are doing a much better job distributing aid and resources than FEMA. There’s no way I want the federal government to take over my healthcare decisions. What BO and these “evangelicals” are calling for is at best socialism and at worst Marxist/Leninism.

I also don’t think there’s any support in the Bible for an environmental policy that does nothing to help the environment and only redistributes wealth from the US to third world countries. It does say to work and have dominion over the earth. So when there’s a decision between building a dam to provide drinking water to millions of people and saving a “snail darter” the people win. Let’s face it; neither party is for dirty water or polluting the air.

One other post by emergent leader Tony Jones incensed me. His post simply titled “Abortion” states some of his reasons for supporting Obama despite the abortion issue. In it he states “Second, I really have nothing to gain from an Obama presidency, except maybe a more just and civil country.” What does this mean?

Christian Tracy from Texas puts it well in his comment to Tony’s post:

We really need to elaborate on how a BO presidency would lead to a more just and civil country. I have been listening to BO and don’t know what Tony is referring to. What I hear is very polished speaking with little substance. The guy does not have much of a voting record given his limited time in the Senate but just enough to expose his socialist leanings.

Based on what we do know about BO these statements can be made about his form of “justice and civility”:

  1. He will bail you out if you take on more debt than you can afford and in the process make those who’ve made responsible decisions pay the bill.
  2. Your education will be paid and he’ll take from the “wealthy” to pay for it.
  3. He will provide you with retirement by increasing taxes on those with “lots of money” but not provide them with compensatory benefit toward their retirement.
  4. If you are poor he will take money from America’s corporations to provide you with a better existence costing millions of Americans their jobs.
  5. If you don’t have enough of anything he will take from those that have plenty and ensure you have what you need.
  6. If you are a small business owner he will require you to provide benefits that you cannot possibly afford to appease those too ignorant to know that in his doing so he will force you to fire your staff and close down your business.

I would add two more:

  1. He will use thugs to shut down any opposition to his plans or ideas.
  2. He will “listen” in order to repeat back peoples grievances in order to foment class warfare.

So, even though the abortion issue alone is enough to disqualify BO in my book there are plenty of other troubling things about him for Christians to be weary of. Communism, Marxism, and Socialism are absolutely not compatible with Christianity. Obama has a higher liberal rating than that of self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. Another fact that disqualifies him.


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