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Couple of different views – Palin

Posted by Jim Rector on September 4, 2008

Ok, It’s no secret that I’m somewhat impressed with Sarah Palin. The issue of whether a woman can serve as VP or President for that matter, is not cut in stone or black and white in my book. In my previous post I tend to agree with what Dr. Mohler says on the issue. There are a few folks that I respect and love (In the case of my son, Richard.) that have a different take than I do. That’s ok. So in support of balance I commend their posts on the subject to you.

First, my son Richard is very settled on the issue. In his post What does “conservative” mean anymore? It seems a fluid concept to me… he states his belief and position very succinctly. One statement that I need to think about further is this….

I was saddened by a response to a blog I read a few days ago where an individual stated that a woman should put God before her husband, which of course “gives her some allowance to go against her husband,” in the event “God is telling her” to do something her husband does not approve of. Friends, if we have set our minds on loving God and doing what he commands, then we cannot ignore His created order. Yes, women are ultimately accountable to God for their actions, and not their husbands. But this Biblical concept does not stop here! It means furthermore that they will give an account of their obedience to His commands, one of which is to submit to their husbands!

I agree with the statement and think that it applies to children as well. What I’m not settled on is that it totally applies in this situation.

I also respect Richard’s pastor Voddie Baucham. In his post Did McCain Make a Pro-Family VP Pick? He raises states his thoughts that VP is “Not a Pro-family Job” and her pick is “Not a Pro-family Message.” He gives me something to think about in the quote…

Are we really saying that we want to completely erase the distinctions between men and women.  Do we really believe that it is good for our country to promote the view that women are merely men who happen to be biologically capable of having children (when it does not interfere with career advancement, of course)?  I don’t think so.  What do we do with the Bible’s admonition in Titus chapter two?  Are Christian conservatives saying that Paul’s instructions concerning women’s duty to be “keepers of their homes” has somehow been overturned in light of recent discoveries?  Or are we saying that pro-family means one thing when we’re in church, but something else when we’re trying to beat the Democrats?

Lastly James McDonald has a thought provoking post, Voting in Faith, where he makes that case that voting requires prayerful consideration in the dichotomy of voting based solely on principle vs. voting on a combination of principle and strategy. Here’s his statement that makes me think…

The Bible says in Romans 14 that anything not done in faith is sin. Could it be that two Christians could vote in faith but vote for different men? Could one vote on what he believes to be principle, for a candidate he knows will not win, and do so in faith? Can another believer vote in a strategic fashion, recognizing his choice is not “perfect,” but represents some of his most important values, and has a chance of winning? Can this one vote in faith as well?

All good men who I respect greatly. To be honest I have no idea at this point who I’ll vote for except that it won’t be Obama. I rest in the fact that a sovereign Gods sets up our leaders and takes them down.


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