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Great post on the Gospel – Steve Camp

Posted by Jim Rector on August 6, 2008

This is a great post about preaching justification by faith alone even if you’re not a “5-pointer”. If you read anything the first paragraph under “Reformation” is especially edifying. Actually that whole section including the breakdown of Rom 4:5.

Here’s the first paragraph under “Reformation” for the “time-challenged”:

This is at the heart of the Reformed faith (Calvinism) and more importantly – biblical Christianity. Salvation is of the Lord – it is all of grace! We add nothing to it and do not cooperate in it to obtain it. It is God’s free gift to sinful men. It is a Sovereign act of a holy God upon unregenerate people who are by nature children of wrath, sons of disobedience, and dead in trespasses and sins. We must “made fit” for the inheritance (Col. 1:12-14); because in and of ourselves we are hostile to God; enemies of Him and His truth, with all our own righteousness being nothing but dirty, filthy rags. But because of His great love, unfathomable grace and never-ending mercy – by grace through faith in Jesus we may be clothed with the perfect righteousness of Christ our Lord.


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